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How it works

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Promote your notifications

Customize, download and print your promotional poster.

People subscribe by sending an SMS using your unique keyword
e.g. "SMS #BLUECOFFEE to +27 (87) 240 5099 to subscribe".

Ask your staff to inform people of your notifications and how to subscribe.

Monitor your subscribers

Using this website, keep an eye out on how many subscribers you currenty have. Receive an Email notification for each new subscriber you have. View their cell phone numbers and names.

N.B. Your subscribers can manage their own subscriptions.

Send / Receive messages

Once you have sufficient subscribers, purchase some SMS credits and notify them of your promotions, product updates, voucher codes, events etc.

Receive feedback from your subscribers, by them sending you an SMS using your organization keyword e.g. "#BLUECOFFEE You guys make really great coffee and offer the best service."

Figlut offers the following features to help you promote your business/organization and connect you to your customers (or organization members)..


Receive Messages
Manage Subscriptions
Broadcast Messages

Receive messages from your subscribers/customers

Your customers (or organization members) can send you messages by sending an SMS with a hashtag and your organization identifier to the Figlut phone number:
+27 (87) 240 5099

Received messages are forwarded to your email immediately and can also be viewed on the Figlut website.

e.g. Hi #BLUECOFFEE. I really love your coffee shop, but one of your waiters is rude.

Subscription management

When receiving an SMS, the person's cell phone number automatically gets saved as a subscriber to your organization and can be mananged from the Figlut website.

People can optionally include their name in the SMS
e.g. Hi #BLUECOFFEE. I'd like to subscribe to notifcations from you. *John.

Subscribers manage their own subscriptions by using the Figlut website to search for and manage subscriptions linked to their cell phone number.

Send notification to your subscribers

Once you have sufficient subscribers, purchase some SMS credits and notify them of your promotions, product updates, voucher codes, events etc.

This process is as simple as typing up your messages on the Figlut website and creating your SMS campaign.

We offer the following services to help you promote your business/organization and develop custom solutions to meet your business needs..


Marketing Material
Custom Development
Developer Integration
Marketing services

We offer services to create posters and pamphlets with your company logo describing how to subscribe to notifications from your company.

e.g. Blue Coffee occasionaly sends out notifications about specials, events and promotions. To subscriber SMS #BLUECOFFEE to +27 (87) 240 5099

Custom software development services

Should you have custom business requirements related to communicating with your customers and/or promoting your business, we can help with that. We offer software development and consulting services to develop custom apps that fit your specific business needs. We can then integrate these external apps into the Figlut system for SMS notifications.

e.g. we have developed an app for Pharmacies to manage their customers and their Repeat medication schedules. Using, the Repeat app automatically sends out SMS notifications to all the patients requiring their medication on the day to remind them of the medication being delivered within 24 hours.

Integrate your existing system into Figlut

Figlut provides a REST Web Service API (Application Programming Interface) to allow you to integrate your existing software into Figlut. Should you not have your own software developers to handle the integration, we can offer our own software development services to you.

e.g. you could send SMS notifications directly from your current system via Figlut and/or manage Figlut subscriptions directly from your own system.

We would love to see your business/organization flourish and get you connected to your customers! Give us a shout so we can help you get started with marketing your organization!

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e.g. Hi #figlut team. How do I get started with marketing my business?

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Figlut is a company that aims to help small and medium sized businesses and organizations to promote themselves and most importantly strengthen their customer retention.


Customer retention has traditionally ranked low as a business priority: as recently as 2012, marketers ranked “driving sales” as their highest concern while “engaging customers” and “building customer loyalty” tied for last place. This is despite clear evidence that existing customers are more valuable than new customers. This trend is beneficial: according to a study by Bain & Company, increasing customer retention rates by just 5% increases profits by 25% to 95%. What’s more, 82% of companies agree that retention is cheaper to execute than acquisition. In order to build a relationship with customers we first need to increase the number of interactions with them. Some quick wins such as running competitions and once off promotions create opportunities for customers to engage and ultimately repurchase. Do not mistake a repurchase as a relationship with customer. A relationship takes time to nurture. Customer retention is the first step to customer loyalty but there is still a lot of work to be done.

Download and read our full White paper on The Value of Customer Retention and Customer Loyalty